• Colección Help de Kerubé
    is an emperor penguin that lives in the Antarctic, its species is diminishing for several reasons, one of them, global warming.
  • Colección Help de Kerubé
    is one of two brown bears, endangered species, living in the Western Pyrenees.
  • Colección Help de Kerubé
    is a small orphan elephant rescued from mud in Kenya, now lives in the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.
  • Colección Help de Kerubé
    is a small, endangered koala, now living in the Australian Koala Foundation.


our designs il·lusions, surprises and stimulate the playing and creativity of the child.


we made practical and functional clothes to promote the comfort of the child at all times.


our unique and original designs are made in a workshop in the Gracia district in Barcelona.


we take care of all the details, this is our commitment with children and adults.

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